I’m starting a blog! Let’s hope it sticks

It’s 1 AM and I just finished watching the finale of “The Walking Dead.” Aside from screaming at my computer screen, I figured I should end my night on a positive note (that finale just left a sour taste in my mouth) and create a blog.

This isn’t a whim mind you. This has been quite thought out. I’ve been thinking about doing this for quite a few months. There are many changes on the horizon for 2016 and I figure, what better place to document said changes than with an online source to write and share every random and possibly shade filled thought?

Now what will I write about? That’s to be answered in a future blog post. Just know that I have some BIG plans that fall into the lifestyle and travel realm. It’ll be good stuff (I hope) and maybe I can provide a bit of entertainment for anyone so inclined to pop by my site.

Posting schedule? TBD. Like I said, I wanted to end my night on a positive note and may have gotten too ahead of myself by creating this blog now as opposed to waiting a few months for the NEWS to land. Oh well. I didn’t really reveal anything did I? Just the fact that there is something coming but until then, you can guess at what that news will be.

Last tidbit, I also am a Huffington Post Travel contributor so check out my posts and helpful tips there as well (you see, I’m already blogger official).

Get excited!




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