Traveling To London Part 2

Somehow I always find myself on an overnight international flight. I doubt it’s a coincidence.

I think the answer is the cheap flights with no layovers are always at night. I’m not sure if people despise overnight international fights and that’s why they are cheaper but I personally love them. I can literally sleep the whole flight if I so choose and by the time I wake up, it’s morning. The day has already begun in the place I’ve made my way to and there’s tons for me to do, keeping my little adrenaline soaked heart elated. I can go to a restaurant or a landmark as opposed to be resigned to staying in and trying to find something still open for me to visit.

But back to the plane, where I previously left off.  I just boarded and made my way to my aisle seat but I encountered a bit of a problem. The temperature!

Unbeknownst to me, airplanes are really really cold. Like arctic level cold. You’d think that after all my travels I’d retain that information but sadly, it did not stick. Instead I was greeted to what felt like negative temperatures and no little airplane welcome pack (a package of free items consisting of earbuds, a blanket and an eye mask). If you wanted a blanket, you had to bring it yourself or prepare to purchase one from the flight attendant. Me, I wasn’t buying a blanket. No way would they crank the air on me in order to scam me out of my dollars. Instead, I made a makeshift cover using two Zara jackets I happened to bring on the plane (no more space in my luggage meant drape the jackets over your arm and just walk on to save your bag from any extra weight).

The jackets really saved my life. One was draped across my legs and the other draped across my face. Yes, that’s right. I felt some air hitting me right on the baby’s soft spot of the head and could not take it for a minute longer. I spread the other jacket backwards across my torso and put the hood over my face. That relief from the air was amazing! Not only that, I was able to sleep and drool to my hearts content since people couldn’t see my face. The best drool catcher if there ever was such an invention.

A few hours, a cranky flight attendant and a rough landing later, I was finally in London. Touchdown.

Now it’s time to meet unique people, get myself tangled in fun adventures and maybe even spot a few of my favorite British Youtubers.

Stay tuned for more!

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