I thought about naming this blog “Just a Lil Pretentious” but it just didn’t roll off the tongue like “Just a Lil Bougie.” However, that isn’t the name of this blog either since bougie just disturbs me a bit.

In an effort to figure out myself and keep my sanity, I started this blog. It holds everything my mind conjures up (which is a lot) ranging from life musings, my travels, fashion (as long as I can find someone to photograph me) and other items like short stories.

Trying to figure out how I became an adult and navigate the many hiccups in life no one ever really talks about (copays & insurance, thief landlords, and a world full of boys playing games), I hope to provide some honest truths and funny moments for anyone kind enough to read the inner thoughts that plague me. Sorry if this blog reads like “Dear Diary” – just a warning. Find me on Twitter and read some of my helpful travel tips on Huffington Post.

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