OOTD Samana

Hey all!

It’s been a week since my return from the lovely Dominican Republic. My first official trip to the Caribbean where I was tanned beyond my imagination (I don’t need to tan but as a human, skin can tan in the sun lol). I lounged by the sea reading books and Snapchatted (aliciacbarnes if you wanna follow) every little bit of it. I also had sometime to shut my brain off in regards to life and the many plans and decisions I’m currently working on (because life is always plans and decisions). It was amazing. A vacation that will stand out in my mind for a long time, for many reasons.

Now my next post will delve into the details of said trip but for now, I want to share with you a few outfits/looks I pulled together while in Samana.

All details are below – let me know what you think!


First OOTD

  • Shirt – H&M Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Shorts – Forever 21
  • Sandals – Made in Athens (Greece)
  • Sunglasses – Illesteva
  • Bag – Michael Kors


Second OOTD

  • Shirt – H&M Printed Crop Top
  • Shorts – Pull & Bear Dark Denim Wash
  • Sunglasses – Etnia Barcelona



  • Top – Black Target Bikini Top
  • Bottoms – Blue Tribal Print Target Bikini Bottom
  • Sunglasses – Illesteva


Third OOTD

  • Shirt – H&M Printed Crop Top
  • Bottoms – Blue Tribal Print Target Bikini Bottom
  • Sunglasses – Illesteva
  • Bag – Michael Kors


Fourth OOTD

  • Dress – Denim Blue Off the Shoulder Dress (Random Shop in Mallorca)
  • Top – Pink Tribal Print Target Bikini Top
  • Sunglasses – Etnia Barcelona
  • Shoes – Black Nike


Fifth OOTD

  • Shirt – River Island Black Crop Top
  • Shorts – H&M Tribal Print Shorts
  • Sunglasses – Etnia Barcelona
  • Shoes – Rental Rubber Boots for the excursion


Sixth OOTD

  • Shirt – H&M White Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Shorts – Pull & Bear Light Denim Wash
  • Sunglasses – Etnia Barcelona
  • Shoes – Black Nike

Summer Styles in Tenerife

Now that you know all about my adventure in Tenerife, I wanted to share a couple of my looks that I style out on the island.

All photo credit goes to my boyfriend.haha. I just added filters to some of these.


#ignore the socks

I’m always causal at heart so I wore something simple.

Grey crop top – River Island

Hat – River Island

Shorts – Pull & Bear


Coat – H&M

The next day. Still keeping it simple.


Dress – H&M

Sandals – DSW

Glasses – Etnia Barcelona

Day 3 equals more shorts!!


Bodysuit – Negative Underwear

Shorts – Pull & Bear

Scarf – Old Navy


Black crop top – River Island

Hat – River Island

Shorts – Pull & Bear

Let me know what you think – I tried!

London Fashion Week: Palmer/Harding

Better late than never I sometimes say.

While in London, I had the privilege of checking out two events during London Fashion Week. I had realized a bit late (literally three or four days before the start of fashion week) to attempt to line up amazing seats at Burberry or Michael Kors but I did score some nice invites. What I would have given to be part of it and run into some of my favorite London fashion influencers (Patricia Bright or Shirley Eniang for starters)?!

However I did go to a Stradivarius launch party where we (we being me and my Canadian friend) got goody bags, roamed the store with free drinks and took photos using the photo booth. It was really cool seeing as the event was on Oxford Street and that day, the temperature was beautiful. The epitome of a lovely summer day and night.

Two days later, I got to see the real hard fashion at a Palmer/Harding preview for Fall.

It was a bunch of neutrals, navys and reds – all done up in high fashion styles I honestly probably can’t pull off.



I felt so cool in London. Like, look at me at a fashion show and living life. I mean, the show did get a boring but that was mainly my bad. As it was a presentation, after all the girls walked, they came back out to hang around for late comers to see. I decided to just stay there after the show to kill time so as you’d imagine, I was bored since I saw everything.

The show was overall really nice – interesting fashions for the simple comfort seeking woman (that’s how I’d describe it).


NYC Cornwall Style


The first official style post on my blog now that I have an awesome photographer to capture me looking fab from time to time. haha

Any who, my look is as follows:

Glasses – Entia Barcelona

Jacket – H&M

Top – H&M

Bag – Michael Kors

Watch – Vince Camuto

Jeans – Uniqlo

Here’s to that casual fall look in nature!

Fall Fashion Finds UK

So I don’t have a person here in the UK to take every photo of every outfit I find worthy of showcasing “my style” but I do have a style and some fashion finds I’d like to start blogging about.

During my travels, I’ve done a bit of window shopping and actual shopping. I’ve wandered through Primark, Zara, River Island, Topshop, Pull & Bear, local shops and more, seeing the beautiful patterns, textures and colors in the shops. It was hard to hold myself back from buying a few cute things for fall and just in general.

Below are some finds I’m excited to bust out and wanted to share with you all for a bit of inspiration.

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-2-19-12-pm I kind of wish I had seen this color before I made my purchase but I still love it. I have something exactly like this from River Island – a comfy and warm bomber jacket. The colors are pink and black and it’s super nice. Although the UK has weather where I could have busted this out earlier this summer, I’ve kind of been saving this little gem. You can pair this with a dress or jeans to make any look cute and casual.

These are so cute and cheap! Velvet overall dresses in fall inspired colors from Primark. The sides are low cut so I recommend wearing this with a t-shirt or long-sleeved blouse that’s pretty neutral. The dress is also short so if you don’t feel comfortable with showing a bit of extra leg, you can also wear this with some leggings/tights.

These shirts are from Primark. The short-sleeved velvet shirt is something I got but in a burgundy color. I plan on pairing this with some jeans (white and denim) or some cute denim shorts. The long-sleeved shirt is something I got to pair with the overall dress above.

I love all of these pieces and plan to bust them out soon. I’ll make my best effort to style them and photograph them for a new fashion series. But again, I need the help of a photographer so we’ll see how that comes along!