Top 5 Travel Destinations For 2017

2017 has a been a crazy albeit, unforgettable year thus far. With all the noise and stress going on, we need to remember to take care of ourselves and to take a step back. One way of doing this is going on a vacation. But where?
I’ve made things simple for you. Recently in touch with luxury travel experience brand, Black Tomato, I’ve curated a list of the top 5 travel destinations for 2017. Providing a magical setting for a once in a lifetime adventure, the below locations are guaranteed to leave you feeling rested and in awe of the sheer beauty within nature. Already reaching the second month of the new year, it’s time to get serious. Plan your vacation, and make it unique by heading to one of the below!
Finland is a natural beauty. Wander it’s snow covered landscape in the winter, taking in the magic that is the Northern lights or get great lake views and green forestry in the summer. The heart of other Scandinavian countries, you can stay in Finland for a few days and then take a quick trip to bustling cities (such as Stockholm and Helsinki) that are easily accessible.
Not yet as popular as other parts of Scandinavia, Finland benefits from far fewer crowds but just as many delights. While there, you can stay at the friendly HavsVidden hotel – incredible Baltic Sea views awaits. While there, you can sail down from various Scandi seaports or board a super short flight from Stockholm or Helsinki into Mariehamn, where you can take a scenic 45 minute drive up to HavsVidden, just off the Havsviddsvägen trail. Bursting with open-air activities both on and off shore, the HavsVidden is prepared for everything from incredible wreck-diving to unforgettable wildlife and nature experiences.
For added luxe: Try out the winter wonderland package complete with a real husky sleigh ride experience.
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Oman is a sandy playground rich with sand dunes and culture. An Arabian oasis, the region is relatively unknown to the average traveler which means you’ll have charming beaches, lively souks and magnificent dunes to explore all to yourself. Some fantastic hotels that can’t be missed include The Chedi Muscat, Al Bustan Palace and Sahab Hotel. Make sure to make your way to Muscat, the capital of Oman, to explore all the rich culture that this city has to offer. Visit the Grand Mosque for it’s remarkable architecture, before you head over to one of the oldest markets in the Arab Would, Mutrah Souq, and stop in for lunch with an unforgettable view at the Mumtaz Mahal.
For added luxe: Take the spa hopping retreat and move on from Oman to the Maldives!
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Uruguay is great for travelers who want an authentic South American experience. It boasts quaint colonial towns, hip costal villages and amazing vineyards. Another fun fact, the area is quite lively, leaving you to lounge away the day followed by a long and crazy night out!
Stay in Playa Vik Jose Ignacio for an oceanside retreat. Stroll along the endless beach to find a restaurant that serves the freshest fish daily or have a bonfire on the beach with friends before returning to dine at Parillero under a ceiling made of canes. If quirky architecture is your thing, take a 10-minute drive along the coast to Puente Laguna Garzón, famed for its circular shaped lagoon crossing. The structure allows people to enjoy the panoramic views, lending itself to amazing photos.
For added luxe: Travel from the vineyards to the beach with a stop in Argentina before heading off to Uruguay.
Vietnam is amazing for any foodie with a love for the beach. Offering some of the most sensational cuisine, spend your morning tanning on the sandy beaches, bask in the culture inspired by French elegance during the afternoon and dine on some of the most flavorful food to ever touch your palette. The region also has beautiful jungles, dreamlike waters and majestic mountains waiting to be explored.
Visit the Song Saa – a picture perfect beach, exquisite tropical reef and an unspoilt virgin rainforest all set on a couple of little known islands floating in the Gulf of Thailand. Made up of not one but two islands connected only by a footbridge.
For added luxe: Check out the Vietnamese Wanderlust package that moves you throughout Vietnam and all it’s hidden gems in the city.
Sri Lanka is an exotic local home to lush greenery and tropical landscapes. Located near the heart of the Indian Ocean, the region boasts spectacular views over Sigiriya, beautiful sunrises over the vast tea plantations and leopards and elephants in the Yala National Park. Offering dazzling beaches and a variety of 5 star accommodations, Sri Lanka is the decadent paradise you never knew you needed to visit.
For added luxe: Go on a safari and ponder how Mother Nature was able to create animals and a location so exquisite.

2016, You Were Interesting

Seven days into 2017. WOW. I can’t believe it. I feel like time is flying already but I’m so excited about what’s to come this year. I have high hopes (and a list), much like how my 2016 started, and no real doubt as to why my hopes can’t mostly come true.

Right now, I’m currently nursing a weak stomach. I’ve either had food poisoning or some sort of stomach bug. This doesn’t make me happy as last night was quite awful and I’ve already had a small bug toward the end of 2016. But oh well, better to get these small things done and out of the way so 2017 can carry on the way I want. lol

2016 was crazy. I loved it though, despite the US election, Brexit, shootings and other awful world happenings. I mean, it didn’t seem like a good year for the world but in actuality, there’s always something not so bright and shiny going on. If I Wikipedia 2015, I’d bet that I could come back with a list of awful things that happened to America and the rest of the world. But like I was saying, I loved 2016.

It was the year I took more risks and put myself out there. I tested myself and pursued some passions come to find that it wasn’t the end of the world. Things I did in 2016 include (in no particular order):

  • Move to London for 5 months
  • Travel around Europe
  • Did a short film program
  • Interned at a few production companies
  • Went on more dates/found a great boyfriend
  • Started my blog
  • Got a tattoo
  • Met new people
  • Worked on film projects

The list isn’t too meaty but within each bullet is a chapter of stories I can reflect on. So much happened to me within each item that developed me as a person. Do I know everything about life and where I’ll be? No way! But I feel more assured about what I’m doing and taking the risks to get to a new path in life.

Living in London was a crazy experience in itself. Nothing was what I expected but I also didn’t go into my experience with mega expectations. I think that was a huge help! Not that you shouldn’t have expectations but I didn’t put too much pressure on myself to make things happen which I often do. I took things in stride and learned from each hiccup, success, and mini moments of embarrassment or failure.

I learned that I’m stronger than I thought, friendlier than thought, braver than thought and just as susceptible to stupid moments. I cried hard in 2016 and explored hard in 2016. Couldn’t do any better I say. I went to Amsterdam, Malta, Manchester, Mallorca, Cornwall and Tenerife (blogs for this coming up). Again, loved every minute of it!

There were no regrets in 2016, mostly. I’m not adverse to making a mistake but even with mistakes, I like to think I learned how to recognize them more and handle situations differently.

2017 – there are so many things on the books for you. So many plans! I feel I keep dropping hints and saying things but that’s mainly for myself. The more I make it public, the more I hold myself to it. That’s what I did in 2016 and I think it was a pretty smart tactic (helped me get that extra push to book my flight to London). I don’t want to be held back by fear or society, I just want to go for it. And I am. Stay tuned for more guys. As I said, I plan on staying on here for a bit (or maybe I didn’t say but I’m saying now!), developing my blog and keeping you posted on the latest. You’ll probably know what’s going on with me before my family does! haha

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